The Lake and Trails Organization was established in 2008 to create one

of the most Dynamic Youth Camps in the country. Our mission is to educate

our Youths with regards to their Outdoor Environment and Conservation.



Our Educational Program is administered by Qualified Volunteers,         

Certified  Instructors and Ohio State Wildlife Agents. The  10–17 year

Old Students will have an Excellent Environment which integrates

Classroom Instruction, as well as, hands on Training Activity. The four

year curriculum includes both Hunter Education and Boater Safety

Certifications. Once these Certification are received the Students have

the opportunity to employ their skills anywhere in the United States.



Thanks to everyone who attended our 2015 Fall Camp!

Our Fishing Camp will be held from 4/29—5/1/16 at FFA Camp

Muskingum. Camp Muskingum is located in the Beautiful Rolling Hills

of Ohio adjacent to Leesville Lake and exhibits a Wonderful Staff

and Accommodations for our LTO Events which includes Lodging,

Shower Facilities and a Family Style Dining experience 3 times daily.




Call: 330.725.8747